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You may be wondering why you're seeing a landing page such as this, and not my regular content. My work in the privacy and security space has seen me being brought on board as a PrivSec Director for Bamboo Data Consulting in Toronto, Canada. As such, I will be halting consulting in South Africa as of the 31st of January, 2021.

Who is Bamboo?

Bamboo Data Consulting, founded by Sharon Bauer, is a consultancy in Toronto, specialising in privacy, security, data strategy, and cutting-edge ethics work. You can read more about Bamboo over at our website,

But I was reading that!

A few folks have asked me about my blog, and I have placed a few of my most popular POPIA articles on They can be read here.


Existing articles around GDPR and other legislation are being pulled off the shelf, dusted off, having their cracks filled in, and being polished up for re-release on Bamboo's website in the weeks and months to come!

And the speaking side?

I'm still available for emcee work, keynotes, and conference breakouts, albeit remotely for South African events. You're welcome to reach out to me using the contact form at the bottom of the page if you'd like to enquire about these.

What about your management book?

Those interested in my management book can still pick it up on Amazon or Kindle. More detail about the book is available at For bulk orders of the paperback in South Africa, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Who do we reach out to for consulting in SA?

There are many POPIA consultants out there, but as I've mentioned in my posts before, they're not all created equal. Below are a few of the folks that I've had the pleasure of working with, by all means reach out to them and see who suits your particular needs.

Novation Consulting

Ilze / Elizabeth

Clearwood Consulting



David / John / Sarah

Peter Tobin Consultancy

Dr Peter Tobin

Get in Touch

Reach out to me regarding book sales or speaking engagements, as well as subscribing to updates on my journey to Bamboo.

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As Usual, the Legal Stuff:

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